I want to take a second to DTR real quick.

You know, to define the relationship between us.
I’m going to be honest. When I first started writing these weird e-mail letters to you, I was terrified. I felt like I was in a car full of strangers, and I had just put my entire iTunes library on shuffle. I would look around, like—are you guys going to jam to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from my Mulan soundtrack? Or are you going to look at me like I’m crazy when you realize that I own every Taylor Swift song ever made? (I’m not even a little sorry that I love her so much.)
But you guys are incredible. I feel like things are starting to get serious between us (Don’t worry, Kevin knows).
This could be the start of something new….it feels so good to be here with you. Okay last musical reference, I promise. Maybe. But HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Y’ALL.
You people are so encouraging and loving and kind, I can’t even deal. I am incredibly thankful, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t start this good thing sooner. I posted a thank you note to you—my friends/small group/tribe of people—on my Instagram, but just in case you don’t follow me over there (I’m not even mad about it), here ya go:
Guys, I am completely overwhelmed by y’all’s positive feedback on my little newsletter from last week. I sit in thankfulness over your encouraging words, because God is so good and y’all are so generous. There is always a decent amount of fear and anxiety in writing and designing things from the heart, so thank you for pouring out His love and telling me that my words and art matters. Thank you for sharing your hearts and snippets of your lives with me. I cherish your emails and texts and notes more than you know. I am printing them out and taping them on my wall to remind me that God is using me exactly where I am, to remind me of the ridiculous love He gives His followers, to remind me of His amazing grace in all matters.
 I am increasingly confident that God is in control and that He is using His people to be lights in this fallen world. May we keep spurring on one another in love.


My prayer is that God will move through these words. That He will reach into the places of your lives that need it most. That He will keep showing up, and you will too. I want this to be a safe space of conversation, and I never want you to hesitate in e-mailing me back or telling me what the Lord has been doing in your life. I love listening to your stories.
Think of these e-mails like I am inviting you into my house to discuss life over a cup of coffee (Oh, you don’t drink coffee? Yeahhh… we’re done here. *backs away awkwardly*). 

KIDDING, guys. One of my love languages is sarcasm, so go ahead and get on board with that.
I promise not to flood your inbox. I'm not going to write you a letter every day, because I don't have time for that and neither do you (And all God's people said AMEN). You can unsubscribe at any time (I will be sad) by following the instructions at the bottom of these e-mails; I don't want this to turn into a hostage scenario.

Occasionally I will post these e-mails to my blog too, but I will always save the really good stuff just for you (free downloads, prints, etc.). If you have something you’re struggling with or want me to write about, please feel free to send some ideas my way. Chances are you are not the only one struggling with it, and We’re All In This Together! (Okay, that was the last one #HSM #TroyandGabriella4EVER).
If you really like a letter here or something deeply resonates with you, then feel free to share- as long as you link back to one of my pages in some way.
Bat signals are encouraged.

Maybe you can tell, but I promise to keep things real. Sometimes things won't wrap up in a neat little bow, and sometimes they will. I like being serious, and I like being silly. Preferably both. I don't write because I have all of the answers; I write because I don't. 
God is already doing big things in my flawed, sinful heart, and I can’t wait to share the exciting things He has in store for my little business. We serve an incredible Savior, friends.
Also, I have a good feeling about us.
Don’t Stop Believing! (Anddd I’m a lost cause.)
With love, 

Here's what people are saying:

“Wow! This is met me exactly where I have been lately…Thank you for this email. It stopped me cold turkey this morning in my crazy cycle.”

“Chills. Your newsletter was so good. Perfectly written. Love love love.”

“I have recently moved to a town where I know no one other than my husband, and I have been in desperate need of some good small group style, girl to girl Jesus talk. Your newsletter this morning was just like sitting with someone over coffee and discussing the Word.”