The Art of Letters

You walk to the mailbox, open it up, and smile as you spot an envelope with your handwritten name amidst the bills and advertisements. It’s a letter from a grandparent, a friend abroad, or a sister. Someone sat down at a desk, a kitchen table, or on a porch swing and carefully crafted words together just for you. Sometimes letters are powerful, moving. And sometimes they are short notes that simply brighten your day. People can give you encouragement in a desperate time, wish you a wonderful birthday, and thank you for your thoughtfulness all through a handwritten letter.  And after receiving one, you are inspired to write a few notes for friends and family. To brighten someone’s day just a little. To let them know you are thinking of them, no matter how many miles apart.  To write down a verse that might help them through a tough time. Ahh, the art of writing letters is a magical thing.

 In an age of technology, it’s nice to get back to the basics. Picking up a pen and constructing sentences to a loved one is a victorious feat in the age of glorified busyness.

 Like the rest of the human race, I love letters. I have kept all meaningful letters in a box since high school. My husband and I write letters to each other regularly in our traveling journal, which we hide around the house after writing in it (Idea originated here).

So from my love of letters comes the newest additions to my shop. The Alex Fly Designs stationery and notecard collections will be appearing in the online shop next month! I am so excited about this little addition to my business, and hope you are also.

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