Branding, Packaging & Texture

Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at my branding inspiration board for the logo's makeover. I wanted to keep it simple and timeless, but also wanted the script to be unique and lovely with an extra touch of texture. The charcoal strokes and handwritten calligraphy balanced out my contrasting wishes!

Sources: 1/2/3/4

I also wanted to share a glimpse of the brand new packaging. With linen ribbon and brown paper packages (I hope you invoked your inner Julie Andrews just now), it will feel like Christmas morning when you receive your products!

I have an infatuation with linen. Its look and texture is natural and wonderful. It makes me think of my favorite shirt and clean sheets and warm sunny days with gentle breezes. 

The boxes are also marvelously useful. I use several to store stationery in my office and consolidate jewelry on my dresser. One can never have too many boxes (a lesson from my nomadic life).

Texture has been a focus not only in the new branding and packaging, but also in the new designs. In this gold necklace and bracelet, I decided to add some texture just for the sake of texture. I love the small textures on the necklace because it adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise simple piece, and I love the chaotic textures on the bracelet because it reminds me of hieroglyphs and abstract art. Now I think of adding texture as adding a little bit more personality into the object. Kind of like wearing winged eyeliner or red lipstick. 

Here's to adding a little more texture in our lives with the new branding, packaging and designs!

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