Charleston in Photos

This past week I fell in love with Charleston, the most charming coastal city with magical trees, secret gardens, friendly locals, and good food.

Sights included: The Battery, Rainbow Row, Charleston City Market, King Street, Angel Oak Tree, Boone Hall Plantation

Charleston has a landscape that encourages intimacy and partisanship. I have heard it said that an inoculation to the sights and smells of the Carolina lowcountry is an almost irreversible antidote to the charms of other landscapes, other alien geographies. You can be moved profoundly by other vistas, by other oceans, by soaring mountain ranges, but you can never be seduced. You can even forsake the lowcountry, renounce it for other climates, but you can never completely escape the sensuous, semitropical pull of Charleston and her marshes.
— Pat Conroy