Like A Kid on Christmas Eve

I have a different agenda than most retail companies.

I refuse to pretend that you have to buy my necklaces to be beautiful. If you buy my stationery or wear my bracelets, it will probably not solve problems or make you feel loved. You are already beautiful beyond comparison and loved beyond your imagination. 

But if one of my products helps you feel beautiful or points you to His endless love, that’s when this little business’s big dreams will be reached. If one of my designs starts conversations and opens doors, that’s when I’ll dance around the kitchen in reassurement that this business-owning adventure has purpose. If one of my downloads brightens someone’s day or reminds people to fix our eyes on Jesus, then I will keep making them with joy in my heart because it is so much more than a wallpaper background.

And maybe my business agenda is full of naïveté. But as I sit here sipping my second cup of coffee this morning, I can’t help but think that maybe every dream needs a little bit of childish expectation. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, hoping to receive an extravagant gift the next morning.

And maybe businesses should wish for more than making a few bucks off of work they don’t believe in, more than capitalizing off consumers they don’t care about. I don’t want to fit in with those mere monetary-concerned companies.

So I keep creating with passion, in hopes that this little business will fulfill its greater purpose.

And I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. 

Alex FlyComment