Generation of Multitaskers

Hit refresh. Flip the channel. Check cell phone. Refresh, flip, check, repeat. Because I am a part of the generation of multitaskers, of social media enthusiasts, of masked perfection seekers.

We are incessantly busy and bombarded with images and words. And I don’t think these things are necessarily bad. But, apart from grace, too much of anything often ends up being a negative thing. Lately I have been flat-out overwhelmed by the constant connectedness. Also, I recently heard a disturbing statistic that the average American adult’s attention span is 8 seconds. 8 SECONDS, people. I feel like we are progressively turning into that dog from Up.

It’s not surprising that so often disconnect stems from constant connectedness. It’s not surprising that I long for rest from technology and crappy TV.

I find myself desiring silence and reflection and calm. I guess I’m mostly just looking for a balance between hitting refresh ever few minutes and throwing my phone against a brick wall.

Because the infinite voices are deafening and I can rarely hear the one Voice that matters.

How do you balance living in this world while preparing for another world?

Maybe the Amish are onto something.

Or maybe not.

Here’s the deal. I’m not going to quit the Internet completely or give up my cell phone. I’m not going to delete all my social media accounts or disconnect my TV. And maybe one day I’ll do those things. But right now it seems pretty impractical for a business-owning girl who gets most of her customers via social media. Also, I believe there’s so much good that comes through the great big world of the Internet.

I just need to take a giant step back. I’m not really sure what that looks like yet, whether it is time restrictions or spending days unplugged or giving up a few forms of media. But I desperately want to spend more time in the Word and go on more hikes and let silence fill the room. I want to notice the people around me instead of looking down at my phone, and I want to savor a moment without feeling the need to Instagram it. I want to spend my time wisely and purposefully and passionately.

Alex FlyComment