Traditions & the Table

We have a tradition at the Fly house. And we dubbed it Big Breakfast Saturdays. During the week, mornings are often rushed and breakfasts skipped, all while inhaling the daily jolt of caffeine. But on Saturdays we intentionally linger longer. We take the time to sit around the table in conversation and laughter while enjoying a big breakfast--and maybe devour a few more cups of coffee than usual. Admittedly, often it's more of a big brunch, the location changes, and sometimes we have a few extra people at whatever table we claim. But the tradition always ends in a full stomach and an even fuller heart. Maybe it's because breakfast food is my favorite, but I think the success of this little tradition is more because life and food are slowed down and savored around the table. 

It's with this thought in mind that I created these recipe cards. Well, that, and I was tired of keeping my recipes on scrap paper + notes in my phone. 

I hope you will use these cards to share recipes with loved ones, to savor slow meals, and to create your own traditions around the table.

For more information on the recipe cards, head over to the shop.

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