Part I: 48 Hours in London, England

Sleepy and giddy, we landed in London and met up with our friends Robert & Brittany to start our 10 day trip around Europe. In typical London fashion, we were greeted with pouring rain and busy streets. We quickly dropped off bags at the flat off Baker Street and hit the ground running, stopping for warm drinks and a hot meal.

We planned and chatted and wrestled umbrellas, making our way toward the British Museum where we read about mummies and ancient Greece, walked through rooms of marble and circled the Rosetta Stone. 

We navigated the tube system to Arsenal Stadium, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. We walked through the Tower of London and across the London Bridge, taking elevators to the Top of the Shard for spectacular views of the city. We saw center court at Wimbledon and lingered in the pubs to keep warm and dry. We ate tapas and macaroons and fish & chips, drank afternoon tea and americanos. 

I marveled at their architecture and accents and aristocracy. 

Kevin's favorite spots: Arsenal Stadium & Top of the Shard

My favorite spots: Poet's Corner (in Westminster Abbey) & Tower of London

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