What To Do When We Lose Sight of the Big Picture


I wish we could grab coffee and have a heart-to-heart. I would tell you how God has been chipping away at this house made of sand and rebuilding it better and stronger. I would probably ask too many questions and drink a ridiculous amount of coffee a little too quickly. I would tell you how overwhelmed I am with life and grace and godliness.

Some weeks are just harder than others, you know? Sometimes you become pretty beaten down with the devil’s attacks and you need to know you still have a few people in your corner.

Because we’re all just a bunch of messed-up people in desperate need of our Savior. Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture and we ache for God’s gifts more than God. Sometimes we stumble toward the things of this world because the current is too strong and we are afraid of the fight against it. Sometimes our identity is floating around in the wrong places, and we allow it to latch onto anything that deems us worthy for a moment.


I don’t know what kind of battle you are fighting, friend, but can I just cheer you on for a second?

Because I may not be great at math, but I know this formula to be 100% true: God is bigger.


Are you afraid or anxious? Give it to God. He is bigger.

Are you angry or bitter? Give it to God. He is bigger.

Are you walking through grief and sorrow? Give it to God. He is bigger.

Are you struggling with misplaced identity? Give it to God. He is bigger.

Are you dealing with rejection? Give it to God. He is bigger.


Whatever trial you are facing, wound that is hurting, lie that is damaging, ache that is unfulfilling—hand it over to the King and see what kind of crazy thing He does. Our God is good and perfect and holy and we mustn’t lose sight of His beautiful and miraculous way of redemption. It is everything.


And I would love to wrap this up in a tidy little bow and say that surrender is an easy, three-step process through a few carefully-worded prayers, but we know (all too well) that’s not the case. It’s far from a one-and-done decision. Handing ourselves over to Jesus is a constant struggle. Surrender is always easier talked about than lived out.  

Real surrender is showing up day after day with bended knees and a repentant heart. It’s broken hallelujahs in the midst of weaknesses and failures. It’s reaching the mountaintops and realizing that we are still just as in need of a Savior as ever before. It’s a lifelong receiving of grace.

And I have never come to a place of true surrender without reflection and remembrance. This is a good place to start, isn’t it? We have to slow down for one solitary moment and notice the gaps between ourselves and God. We must notice the idols that pop up on our messed-up totem poles.

Then we must remember God’s faithfulness and perfection and glory, even in the midst of our shortcomings.


So I’ll say it again and again: I may not know what sin is plaguing you, but I do know the God we serve. And there is nothing He can’t handle.

Our God is full of grace and redemption, love and mercy and healing. Let’s show up and lay that burden at His feet. Let's shift our gazes heavenward and take a step in faith.

Because we may be small and weak and broken and human, but God is bigger

Alex FlyComment