Why Your Whole Life is One Beautiful Transition

Sometimes my life just feels like one big, long transition. In between one city and the next, in between being a student and being a grown-up. In between decisions and dreams, homes and churches, seasons and surprises.

So I've found myself constantly waiting on the next thing, the unreachable adventure that will bring knowledge and peace and the feeling of having it all together

It's silly, really-- when I think about this pattern I've grown accustomed to believing.


“When I get to college I will know what I’m doing with my life.”

“After I get married, I will get it together.”

“After we find a church home, I will feel settled.”

“After the move, I will really get it together this time.”

“After we buy a house, we can really put down roots.”

“After we have kids, I’ll be exactly where I want to be in my business and marriage and finances.”


The in-between is a hard place to find yourself, especially when you never leave. 

I have been standing in the rain (and sometimes I really love the rain), looking for the sunshine. But the rainbow has been here all along, and maybe that’s what I should have been looking for.

So I’ve started to notice the rainbow. The rainbow says, “Yeah, it’s been raining for a while, and the sun will come again eventually, but why don’t you just sit in this moment and notice how beautiful I am?”

And this moment in life, this rainbow I would have previously thought of as merely another transition, is so incredibly beautiful.  


I should’ve known—God always meets us in the rainbows.