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NYC in Photos

On NYC: Uber drivers with colorful dreads and determined driving. Traffic in the misty rain with commuters blaring rap music. Swapping photos with kindred tourists. Coffee for warmth and energy while shouting, “No sleep. Till Brooklyn.” Hidden skyscrapers in the fog. Subway passengers dressed for Friday night in the city. More walking, always looking up.

On 9/11 Museum & Memorial: Waterfalls surrounded by the names of victims. Visitors’ notes scribbled on the wet plaques, like love notes left on shower glass or fogged up mirrors. Watching 9/11 unfold before us with a few thousand people in complete silence. News clips & paper headlines & timelines of events. Mementos found in rubble & never-heard cell phone messages. Burnt flags & dust-covered clothes. All of the photos—the passengers, the employees, the onlookers, the rescuers & the rescued; the hijackers, George Bush, Bin Laden. 
And all of us—walking through the exhibit, the remnants of tragedy, the graveyard of faces—lost in thoughts and prayers and questions and disgust. 
But still, I think it is good and important to remember.

Explored: Brooklyn Bridge & Park, Times Square, 9/11 Museum & Memorial, Rockefeller Center & Top of the Rock, Broadway- Gershwin Theatre (Wicked), St. Patrick's Cathedral, City Sightseeing Tour- Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park

Ate: Hourglass Tavern (need reservations), Shake Shack, Cascabel Tacqueria, Melt Shop, 5 Napkin Burger, Schmackary's (cookies)

British Virgin Islands

This past July we got the opportunity to travel to the British Virgin Islands with family & friends. Obviously, we said yes right away, loaded up our bathing suits, and hopped on a plane. We flew into Puerto Rico and took an island hopper into the BVI (see that photo of the tiny plane? Slightly terrifying but also amazing). We landed on a dirt runway in Virgin Gorda, where we would stay the remainder of the trip. 

Virgin Gorda is pretty remote, but even more beautiful. The adults (still unqualified to be in that category) rented a villa that overlooked the water with a perfect sunset view. We explored Devil's Bay National Park and walked the trail to The Baths, which are definitely worth the hike and trek through the water. We swam, snorkeled, kayaked, wandered the caves and beaches, and spent the mornings sipping coffee on the porch.

I decided I could definitely get used to the island life.